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for when these gentry are closely pressed, as to the substance of their knowledge, they will talk of Henry the Fourth of France being contemporary with Henry the Fowler of Germany

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Their definitions were indistinct, and their prohibitions incomprehensive: besides, every individual member of the community


The Romans, indeed, are a solitary exception. But, in all those countries, not a syllable was said respecting ihe promise and contract.

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Indeed, the only proof which we have of such an idea being entertained by the ancients, is afforded by Plato, and has reference to Socrates.

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He certainly refused to effect his escape from prison when an opportunity was presented to him by the gaoler

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It was a done thing: Mr. Elton was to go; and never had his broad handsome face expressed more pleasure than at this moment; never had his smile been stronger, nor his eyes more exulting than when he next looked at her.'Well,' said she to herself, 'this is most strange! After I had gotten him off so well, to choose to go into company, and leave Harriet ill behind!

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—Absurd and insufferable.' —Yet he would be so anxious for her being perfectly warm, would be so interested about her father, and so delighted with Mrs. Weston

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Instead of forgetting him, his behaviour was such that she could not avoid the internal suggestion of' Can it really be as my brother imagined 1 can it be possible for this man to be beginning to transfer his affections from Harriet to me ?

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The difficulty was great of driving his strange insensibility towards Harriet from her mind, while he not only sat at her elbow, but was continually obtruding his happy countenance on her notice, and solicitously addressing her upon every occasion.

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Wise man have their mouths in their hearts, fools have their hearts in their mouths.

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